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Everything You Need To Know About Airstrikes Near Aleppo…March 27, 2019

SANA, Syrian State media blamed Israel for airstrikes in Aleppo on Tuesday night that allegedly targeted the Nayrab air base, an industrial area at Sheikh Najjar, a cement factory, and other locations. The overall details were still unclear on Tuesday night but the strikes appeared significant. Glowing fires from what some postulated was an ammo depot could be seen into the night. Some blurry photos of another explosion were posted.

Electricity was out throughout Aleppo.

SANA claimed that Syrian air defenses had been activated and intercepted missiles involved in the strike.

In recent reports Syria is still practicing with the S-300, since an incident in Latakia in September 2018 when an S-200 shot down a Russian aircraft during an Israeli airstrike; these strikes appear significant. In January Israel admitted an airstrike in Syria, one of hundreds it has acknowledged over the past years.

What we know so far: @IgalGeiler writes five strike locations: “1. Cement factory 2. Alnarab 3. Aleppo International Airport, 4. Aziz 5. Sheikh Najjar” @WithinSyriaBlog “I can now fully confirm that Israeli warplanes stuck a target\s near or inside the Skiekh Najjar industrial”.

Syrian military “At approximately 23:00 on Tuesday our air defenses responded to Israeli air aggression targeting some sites in the industrial zone of Sheikh Najjar northeast of Aleppo, and intercepted a number of hostile rockets, and the damage was limited to the Madyat.”

Details on the power outage were published.

One of several who reported the locations.

MECRA Report: IRGC – ‘To Jerusalem’ Drone Operation Showcases Technology And Use Of 50 Drones Simultaneously

Past airstrikes near Aleppo, Latakia and Lebanon border

The airstrike near Aleppo is unusual. There were airstrikes near Masyaf in September 2017 and July 2018. Also the same area was struck in July 2018, when numbers of sites at Nayrab were reported struck. Iranians were also reportedly killed in airstrikes last year.

Where is the S-300?

I’ve reported that Syrian air defense “are already taking an active role in the training of the S-300 batteries that were deployed from Russia last September. According to a report at Maariv, they have reached advanced stages of training in the last months. As part of the training, the Syrian officers and soldiers are sitting “shoulder-to-shoulder” with the Russian experts. Russia sent the S-300 batteries to Syria in the wake of a downing of a Russian military plane by Syrian air defense in September. Syrian air defense mistakenly shot down the Russian plane during an Israeli air raid near Latakia. Syrian had long complained about and accused Israel of air strikes in Syria.”

Read the full report.

It was known Iranians are present at Sheikh Najjar and Nayrab

“أسماءميليشيات إيران لقي مصرعهم في مطار النيربـ
Previous reports on social media indicated the presence of Iranian forces at two locations associated with the explosions on Tuesday, at Sheikh Najjar (الشيخ نجار) and Nayrab (النيرب).

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.01.26 AM.png

Tom Cat reported: “Reports that 9 rockets were fired from outside of Syrian airspace and that half of them were intercepted by the air defenses. Army headquarters in Sheikh Najjar was targeted and another headquarters near Naqreen area. No casualties at the moment.”

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