Capitalism A Loser As Europeans Huddle With China’s Xi

Capitalism A Loser As Europeans Huddle With China's Xi
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Xi Jinping, painted portrait

It was overshadowed by the release of the Mueller report, so you may have missed the meeting of three communists and one wannabe Marxist in Paris this week.

I exaggerate (slightly), but it’s worth examining what happened when German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Jean-Claude Junckerand French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss what was billed as “global governance.”

Mr. Xi, of course, runs a massive, totalitarian police state that currently has over 1 million of its own citizens in concentration camps for “re-education.”

The others may not be card-carrying communists, but Mrs. Merkel was born and raised in East Germany behind the Iron Curtain and is best buddies with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She can’t get enough of his cheap natural gas. Mr. Macron is busy blowing off the hands of those “yellow vest” protesters in Paris, “deplorables”who dare question his messianic leadership.

And Mr. Juncker is a big fan of Karl Marx, the founder of communism. The EU honcho is such as fan that he traveled to Marx’s birthplace in Germany last year to commemorate the special day and dedicate a statue of the “Das Kapital” author donated by — wait for it — Mr. Xi’s China.

“Today [Marx] stands for things that he is not responsible for,” preached Mr. Juncker, one of the supposed leaders of the free world.

Speaking of freedom — we are losing it. This week the EU’s parliament passed legislation, against the wishes of the population and the business community, which will permanently alter the internet for the worse, stifling the free flow of information. This is the famous “link tax” bill which also demands publishers get copyright approval before posting any third-party content online.

At almost the same moment this bill passed muster in Brussels, Mr. Macron, Mr. Juncker and Mrs. Merkel were busy planning further new methods of government control in Paris with Mr. Xi, which the hapless Mr. Macron defined as “making progress renovating multilateralism.”

In other words, the quartet explored additional ways to control the ungrateful masses who don’t know enlightened aristocracy when they see it and don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. 

A prosperous Europe is a natural fit with China’s “vision for a multipolar world,” Mr. Xi said, adding that the EU and China were “advancing together” despite “suspicions.”

Wow. Just wow.

Who in their right mind would ever be suspicious of China? Who could harbor doubts about a monster of a government that is currently working with Google to develop technology to control the earth’s population?

Mrs. Merkel said the EU “wants to have a role in the Silk Road initiative” — China’s big project to restore ancient trade routes that it can control. Of course she does! Mrs. Merkel is perfectly content relying on the U.S. for Germany’s national security while at the same time Berlin gets rich off contracts with Russia, Iran and China.

The German chancellor remarked that she is closely following U.S.-China trade talks, because they could “impact” Germany. That pesky president in Washington is causing the globalists problems by demanding Beijing play by the rules. For Mr. Trump’s critics, it seems, only America should play by the rules while everyone else gets to cheat.

Mr. Juncker topped everything off by declaring that ‘“Europe and China could do great things together.”

That brings us to Brexit, the other big news of the week. If there was ever a photo op that showed in one image the reason the United Kingdom should leave the EU, the picture of those four leaders together in Paris was it. The European trio wants to expand indefinitely the control the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels wield over the continent’s masses. They want to change the demographics of the bloc forever with unlimited migration. They want to manage Europe’s decline, the way President Obama saw it as his mission to manage the decline of the United States of America.

And they want to get rich in the process.

These are not leaders of the free world. Europe has gone horribly wrong. Europe is surrendering the freedoms that once made it great, slowly but ever so surely.

Here’s an important safety tip for London regarding the EU: Get out while you still can. We across the pond will help you.

Be free.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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mackykam March 29, 2019 at 12:16 am

forget Britain. They are finished as a country. They have tossed their values and history into the Thames, much as James ll tossed the royal seal into its waters. Anything done for Britain will only benefit its muslim hordes and masters.

ColtPython March 29, 2019 at 9:33 am

Europeans cannot handle Capitalism. Hell, they cannot manage Europe. Two world wars started in Europe that the US had to finish. Some countries are meant for capitalism such as the US. But most European countries have deep historical roots in having monarchs and tyrants controlling their populations. They simply cannot handle the freedoms that capitalism brings.

Walkin O'Shea March 30, 2019 at 3:33 pm

Europe cow-toes to any major power who gives them the time of day. China shows up wanting to give them goodies, or Russia turns up wanting to give them goodies, or India turns up wanting to give them goodies, they just roll over and roll out that stale old red carpet. When the US shows up, all they do is whine and complain but push for further protection on the US taxpayers dime. Europe is a lost cause, I think we’re tired of lost causes.


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