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Zelenskiy And Yermak In Stalemate – Pushed By Department Of State, Pentagon To Freeze Conflict

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KYIV – We are observing the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine. Just few days ago, Zelenskiy and Yermak arrived to Washington on the way back from Argentina. Zelensky also tried to visit Brazil and have a meeting with a President of Brazil, but he declined to meet Zelenskiy on the airfield.

Zelenskiy and Yermak arrived to Washington D.C. and held a meeting at an unknown location with Mr. Austin, the Secretary of Defence. We do not know the agenda of the meeting, but it looks like both parties had nothing crucial to discuss and the meeting was just a short talk. Both parties have nothing on the table. The Secretary of Defense has empty sheets before him. It looks like the Ukrainian President Zelenskiy came to meet and greet the Secretary of Defense on some ad-hoc route. We do not expect anything as a result from this meeting. On the prior week the Congress did not approve any additional financing of the war in Ukraine. 

Current situation on the frontline

The frontline is moving in both direction in several points. Russian troops are advancing in Avdeevka. The Ukrainian forces had to stop any counteroffensive and are not in defensive positions in all of the frontline, and are withdrawing to defensive positions in some of the locations. The government of Ukraine had to admit the counteroffensive is over. The current news from various sources are pointing out that the US is pushing Zelenskiy and Yermak into the “freeze” situation based on the stalemate of the front and increasing risk of the possible collapse of the frontline and further deterioration of the situation.

Here is a direct speech from our source near Avdeevka:

“He says that it’s so fucked up there that Bakhmut is a walk! It’s a complete mess because of the stupidity of the commanders.

“The equipment they give is broken; there is no ammunition for the snipers. Platoon commanders are never on the front line, company commanders generally are 30 km away. There is no combat coordination. Complete confusion. There is no motivation, the payments to the soldiers are completely screwed (editor’s note: screwed payments means much less than promised, late or absent). The combatants assign themselves command.”

Here is a photo of the situation in Avdeevka:

Russian forces have entered the industrial zone of the factories in Avdeevka. This means there is fight for the control of the city.

Source of the picture: Ukrainian media channel “Deep state”.

Here is an account from the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Avdeevka:

“In the area of ​​​​responsibility of the operational-strategic grouped army “Tavria” on Avdiivskoye, Ukrainian soldiers will continue to pursue the enemy, which does not detract from the attempt to recapture Avdiivka. Our warriors steadfastly defend themselves, incurring significant losses. The defense forces successfully repelled 42 enemy attacks in areas similar to Novobakhmutivka, Avdiivka, Severny, Tonenky, Pervomaisk and Nevelsk Donetsk regions.”

Now please, compare the words from the Chief of Staff to the words of the witness on the ground on the frontline in Avdeevka.

Here is another quote about the situation near Avdeevka from a person who is on the battlefield line himself:

“The General Staff said that Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers began to more often leave positions near Avdiivka and retreat to other positions, due to problems with supplies and low morale. The industrial zone in Avdeevka was given away without a serious assault on the enemy, the units simply left positions that had been preparing since 2014 and retreated to the city.”

General Syrsky talks about the situation in the eastern direction, where the Russian army went on the offensive along the entire front.

The Russians continue assault operations in the Kupyansky, Limansky and Bakhmutsky directions.

In order to blockade Kupyansk, the Russians are trying to capture Sinkovka, and are also advancing in the directions of Novoselovsky, Stelmakhovka, Liman 1st and Seversk.

In the Liman direction, the Russian Federation seeks to oust the Ukrainian Armed Forces beyond the Cherny Zherebets River and from the Serebryansky forestry area. Conducts assaults in the direction of Zhitlovka and Terna.

Еhere are attacks north and west of the city near Bakhmut.

Syrsky states that the Russians are suffering eight times more losses than the Ukrainians, and are also losing a lot of equipment. And the Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding their positions.

Quoting a source: “Our sources in the OP (Office of the President Zelensky) said that the Biden Administration demands that Zelensky freeze the conflict from the spring of 2024 along the contact line. If the Office of the President refuses Sullivan’s updated plan, the West will cut funding to Ukraine and continue to pump up Zaluzhny’s rating as the new leader.”

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