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Ukrainians Begin To Rise Up Against Private Military ‘Recruiters’ (Bounty Hunters)

It’s starting…

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KYIV – In the video below you can see a Ukrainian man who fought back against the private ‘military recruiters’ in Ukraine, who are nothing more than bounty hunters. As the Ukrainian regime gets more desperate for cannon fodder, the instances of men and boys being snatched off the street to send to the meat grinder are increasing.

The Ukrainian description of the incident is below.

They write that the TCC [private recruiter] employee was intoxicated and threatened the man with a knife.

The police and the TCC want to hush up this matter and handed over the materials not to the military prosecutor’s office, but to the district police officer, so that he could consider them in accordance with the legislation on citizens’ appeals.

That citizen revolted against the military recruiter, fought back and put the recruiter on the ground.

Similar cases have been reported around the country. 

It turned out that the military recruiting outposts around the country are private. They hired private military recruiters, gave them fake military lookalike uniforms and sent them around with fake orders to catch people on the streets. The problem is they have information from the official army register, and from the government registers. The current price they obtain per head caught on the street is 10 thousand hryvnya — around 250 USD per citizen caught on the street or anywhere and to be brought to the private military outpost to force him to sign the papers [to join military] while threatening to throw into the jail.

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