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Gulf Of Tonkin Redux? Ukraine ‘Preparing For Nuclear Explosion’ As Russia Reduces Zaporizhzhia Plant Presence

Image by IAEA

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Ukraine’s President Zelensky has once again been warning the public and the West that Russia is planning to stage some kind of disastrous nuclear fallout event centered on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, Europe’s largest. The claims from Ukrainian top officials have been persisting for weeks at this point, but have grown louder in the last several days, as Americans are busy with July 4th festivities. 

“There is a serious threat because Russia is technically ready to provoke a local explosion at the station, which could lead to a [radiation] release,” Zelensky claimed days ago at a joint news conference in Kyiv. Ukrainian intelligence is at the same time this week saying Russia’s military is reducing its presence there and has told staff to relocate to Crimea.

The Guardian on Saturday cited Ukraine’s intelligence arm, the GUR, to say that “several representatives of Russia’s state nuclear energy agency, Rosatom, have already left” and further that “Ukrainian employees who stayed at the plant and signed contracts with Rosatom had been told to evacuate by Monday, preferably to Crimea, it said.”

Ukrainian propaganda channels keep pumping this claim without evidence. Of course, a compliant media has not pressed them for any, simply repeating the claims as if they come from an unbiased source. If ZNPP gets destroyed, we won’t know for sure who did it, but we can be sure that the media will reflexively blame it on Russia, as they ludicrously did with the destruction of Nord Stream.

The Ukrainian government has actually been making these claims for weeks, with some independent observers such as David Sachs saying this could set the stage for a “Gulf of Tonkin moment”

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You gonna eat that? July 5, 2023 at 12:27 am

According to the IAEA the plant is effectively shutdown and offline now. There are no signs the Russians have planted explosives or mines in the general vicinity of the plant. If anything happens it will be Ukraine doing it, they are the ones who have been shelling it and blaming the Russian forces since the start. Plenty of evidence points to Ukraine blowing up the dam of the lake as well.


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