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Denmark Forced To Cancel Public Holiday To Finance War In Ukraine

Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredericksen, via Wikimedia Commons

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At the request of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, the Danish Parliament canceled a major public holiday to financially support its commitments to NATO and the war in Ukraine. The decision was widely criticized and resulted in public protests against the move.

The Danish Government is attempting to accelerate its initial goal of contributing 2% to NATO by 2033, hoping to reach that level by 2030 but it lacks the financial resources to do so. The prime minister argued that the extra working day would add another three billion Danish kroner [about 400 million dollars] to state coffers. She added that this is necessary in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

To fulfill its obligations, the Danish government chose to abolish the holiday known as “Store Bededag” [The Great Day of Prayer], a public holiday that has been celebrated since 1686. The holiday is traditionally held four weeks after Good Friday. The Danes eat wheat bread on this occasion and celebrate Spring. The prime minister insisted that the measure was necessary.

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Frederiksen told Parliament that there was no financial leeway, given the extensive spending needed to meet globalist commitments in the areas of defense, security, and green energy projects. After a long contentious debate, Parliament voted to abolish the holiday. 95 MPs voted in favor, with 68 against.

The move is widely unpopular with the Danish public. In addition to protests in front of the parliament building in Copenhagen, an Epinion survey shows that 70 percent of people in Denmark oppose the abolition of the holiday.

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D3F1ANT June 7, 2023 at 9:30 am

Why does Denmark need to contributed to Ukraine’s fight, at all? America has given Ukraine enough money to win WWII 100 times over…war can’t have become THAT much costlier. Surely Ukraine doesn’t need even MORE money from other countries, too? Are they dipping their bullets in gold or what? Maybe they should stop making dance videos and fight the Russians. All I know is I’m sick of funding them.


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