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Russia Uses Nuclear-Capable Iskander Ballistic Missiles On Kyiv Targets As Nuclear Threat Increases

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[Kyiv, Ukraine] The air raid siren went off in Kyiv at 2:52 the morning of May 31st, 2023. This was the 5th day of air attacks on Kyiv city. It was forecasted 2 weeks ago that Russia would attack Kyiv with rockets and Shaheeds (teHeran) drones recently received from Iran. On the 5th day of attacks on Kyiv, Russia used Iskander M and Iskander K rockets. Both types of Iskanders can carry nuclear warheads. 

As you see below from the official announcement of the Air Defence Unit of Kyiv, all 10 Iskander rockets were intercepted. Nevertheless, the civilian property in resident regions of Kyiv were hit by remnants of the rockets. According to Kyiv City Administration, “As a result of a night attack on Kyiv, three people were killed, including two children, and 14 were injured.” A medical clinic in the Desnyansky region of Kyiv was burned; a residential high-story building in the Bereznyaki region was hit. (see the pictures below).

As it was forecasted 2 weeks ago, the Russians threatened tactical nuclear weapons could be used. Additional threats to use nuclear weapons were voiced by an official from the Russian Duma literally saying, “Nuclear weapons should be taken out of the cases.”

The possible targets of Iskanders M and K are 1) The headquarters of the government of Ukraine, 2) Patriot air-defense units, 3) Army administrative buildings near the center of Kyiv (we don’t name them here for security reasons) 4) The Paton bridge (but this target is not probable 5) The Power Station near the Dnipro river (this target was rocketed many times already).

As you can see if any of the Iskanders hit any of the targets, the damage made would be substantial.

We see now the Iskanders didn’t carry nuclear warheads; however, the threat to use the warheads didn’t disappear. The Russians did exactly what they warned 2 weeks ago – they fired the Iskanders that could have carried nuclear warheads.

New day – new nuclear threats

“Russian tactical nuclear weapons will not remain sheathed for long,” Russian deputies said after a drone attack on Moscow.

Air attack siren. The threat of ballistic missiles. 
Air targets were also seen in the Chernihiv region.
2:52, morning of May 31st, 2023

⚡️Official. All 10 out of 10 missiles fired: 7 Iskander-M and 3 Iskander-K – Air Force

As a result of a night attack on Kyiv, three people were killed, including two children, and 14 were injured, – KMVA

In the photo – an affected children’s clinic. There is a lot of damage from this attack. Residential buildings, cars, two schools, a clinic, a kindergarten, a police station, a roadway, green areas, and private property were damaged.

One person died, 3 were injured as a result of the attack on Kyiv, – official data of the KGVA. In the photo – the place of arrival in the Desnyansky district.

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