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Political Crisis In Moldova As Sandu Names New Prime Minister

Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova, via Wikimedia Commons

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Internal political struggles within the pro-Western government in Chișinău have led to the resignation of Prime Minister Natalia Gavriliță. President Maia Sandu quickly named her National Security Advisor Dorin Recean as Prime Minister designate. He will have fifteen days to form a new government.

Gavriliță decried the lack of domestic support for her government. “We knew how to keep calm in Transnistria. We have preserved the peace and economic stability of the country despite the destabilizing agents. I am proud to have accelerated the infrastructure projects that were stagnating due to incompetence and corruption,” she told reporters. “Despite the multiple crises the country has faced, our progress has been highly appreciated by the EU. Our people deserve to enjoy all the EU benefits they have been deprived of for 30 years. If the Government had at home the same support and trust that we felt in our European partners, we would have been able to advance further and faster.”

She then announced her resignation, “Dear citizens, after a year and a half at the head of this Government, the time has come to announce my resignation from this position.”

Maia Sandu quickly named Dorin Recean as the new prime minister designate. Recean has served as her National Secruity Advisor and is secretary of Moldova’s National Security Council.

He has previously served as Minister of the Interior from 2012-2015.

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The move seems to be dictated by Kiev and its Western allies. Zelensky recently wrote to Sandu warning her that democracy in the Republic of Moldova is under attack. Recean is a darling of the Western security apparatus but he has no power in the party and no political base. He is widely viewed as a puppet of Maia Sandu.

Moldova is in political turmoil. Opposition protests broke out in the country last summer, with demonstrators protesting unprecedented rises in energy and food prices, as well as against declining living standards. The authorities have also been cracking down on any political opposition within the country. Maia Sandu has a 28% approval rating, while her majority ruling party has only 33%.

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