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EU Commission Catches Up To Tsarizm Reporting On Ukraine, But It’s Deeper Than That

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Tsarizm has been reporting for months that Ukrainians were approaching a harsh winter as Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure were going to be devastating for the population in freezing temperatures. We surmised via our sources on the ground that the Russian high command was attempting to create a refugee crisis in Europe by driving Kyiv residents west.

Today, Breitbart reported “Commissioner Johansson stated that Russia’s recent attacks on infrastructure, including the country’s electrical grid and water systems, may be motivated by a desire from President Vladimir Putin to create a new wave of refugees in the European Union.”

“I do not trust Putin and [Belarusian president Alexander] Lukashenko for a moment. We must be prepared for the fact that they are prepared to use whatever means there may be,” Johansson told Finnish broadcaster Yle.

However, we believe the situation is deeper than that. We have reported the Ukrainian government’s response has been woefully inadequate for the millions affected in the capitol city Kyiv.

This begs the question — is it incompetence? Or is the Ukrainian government also pushing for this result? Our sources on the ground believe something is going on inside the Zelenskiy government to that effect.

We don’t know what the payoff is for Ukraine. Perhaps they want to also burden the EU with refugees to push for more military and financial aid.

In either event, the Ukrainian people are suffering and it needs to stop.

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1 comment

jack johnson December 11, 2022 at 8:54 am

The Ukrainian people are a dumb lot, if they allow this incompetent, corrupt imbecile to destroy their country then that’s on them. They are calling for a “relocation” of citizens in Odessa because they will be out of power for 2-3 months. Meanwhile Zelenskyy gaslights the world saying they are shooting down 90% of Russian missiles……so what is destroying their power grid, butterflies?

The Ukrainian rail system runs on electricity, how will the military ship arms, troops and aid with no rail system? This is a military and humanitarian debacle of epic proportions. Meanwhile the brilliant Biden administration releases the most wanted international arms dealer/terrorist, at the height of billions of dollars’ worth of untraceable arms are being sent into the most corrupt country in the world.

They must be reading from the “What Not to do in a Conflict” manual. If it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable.


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