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NATO Rushes To Supply Ukraine With Arms As Winter Looms

Soldiers training in winter

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In an effort to help the Ukrainian military hold ground over the coming winter months, NATO and the U.S. have sped up the transfer of warm clothing, arms, and technology to counter drone strikes to Ukrainian forces.

A NATO official told reporters, “The Ukrainians are on their front foot, and they certainly feel prepared for the winter campaign,” the official went on to say that the foreign assistance that is being provided is focused on the arrival of winter.

Despite the certainty of snow and ice and then mud as winter thaws, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin believes that Ukraine troops will still be able to launch counter-offensive attacks against the Russians saying, “I expect that Ukraine will continue to do everything it can throughout the winter to regain its territory and to be effective on the battlefield.”

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Meanwhile, as the war escalates in Ukraine, Americans have been battling rising gas prices, a struggling economy, and rampant inflation while the U.S. government continues to send expansive funding packages and military aid to Ukraine with Biden having already approved over $65 billion in assistance.

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Ricahrd Bagg October 22, 2022 at 9:31 am

Can someone kill Zelensky so this scam will end???

Steven October 24, 2022 at 1:05 pm

A large part if not all of the military supplies are going to the war against the Russian invasion.
The winter will likely cause greater hardship for individual soldiers, however if the ground freezes up, it will mean greater cross country mobility for heavy equipment such as tanks and artillery, so likely the pace of military operations will increase as winter sets in. Southern Ukraine likely will not see as cold temperatures as northern Ukraine, due to proximity to the Black Sea.
The Ukrainians are developing some of their own military equipment which doesn’t have the range limitations of the HIMARs rockets (80 Km), so the war may spread.
Likely there will be a dam rupture in the Kherson front, as well as a dirty bomb or a nuclear event.
This will be the Russian initiative to use nuclear weapons without actually setting on a tactical nuclear bomb.
The Ukrainians need to remain dispersed, to avoid presenting a tempting target for the Russian nuclear forces.
The mid-term elections in the US likely will have an effect on the outcome of the Russian invasion.
If Ukraine doesn’t develop its own arms industry, certainly repair and recovery facilities, likely the war will draw to a close, not so much a negotiated settlement as opposing armies not being able to establish a breakthrough, such as happened with Ukraine on the northern front recently, stalemate.
The US likely will cut back on economic and military support, due to economic and voter exhaustion. The war has become a political force within the US, and will effect the next Presidential election, similarly to the Korean war, when Eisenhower won victory by running on a platform of ending the Korean war. This would mean negotiated settlement, so if the Ukrainians can’t turn the tide in the next two years, Russia will take permanent control of territories it has gained through military conquest and will likely become a dominant influence in the world wide energy and materials economies.
Russian hasn’t been able to break through Ukrainian defenses without extreme casualties, so expect Russia to resort to using a “dirty bomb” and blaming the Ukrainians for it, in able to break through Ukrainian defenses.
This has become and existential threat for Putin, in that if Russia loses, and is thrown back from it’s invasion, he could be deposed, or alternatively, Russia is turned into a Stalinist authoritarian state, becoming a cookie cutter copy of North Korea, while selling cheap gas and oil to Western Europe. Actually, this is a victory for Putin, who manages then to become a complete dictator of Russia, without any chance of any alternate leadership coming forward.
It could result in civil war in Russia, but civil war in Russia would mean strategic use of nuclear weapons, with world wide nuclear fallout.


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