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German Consulate Struck During Russian Assault In Kyiv

Buildings in Ukraine

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The visa office of the German Consulate in Kyiv has been struck by Russian missiles amid a recent assault on the city in what is speculated to be retaliation for the destruction of the Kerch Bridge between Crimea and Russia over the weekend. While Ukrainians have not claimed responsibility for the bridge strike, they have celebrated the blast that rocked the Crimea region.

Former Heinrich Boll Foundation chairman, Sergej Sumlenny tweeted, “The building where the vias office of the German embassy in Kyiv was located was hit by Russians today.” The German media outlet, Deutsche Well also reported that part of the German consulate had been hit by Russian missiles.

Following the blast on the Kerch Bridge, Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked, “If acts of terrorism continue against Russia, we will respond in a very harsh manner.” He went on to warn that “The responses will be of the same scale as the threats to Russia. Nobody should have any doubts about this.”

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According to Ukrainians, the Russian missile strikes have mainly targeted “critical infrastructure” but many Ukrainian civilians have been killed in the attacks with those in the targeted areas being left without power.

Despite the recent strikes on Kyiv, the Ukrainians don’t show any signs of giving up.

“So Russkies, you really think you can compensate for your impotence on the battlefield with missile strikes on peaceful cities?” Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry of Defense countered after receiving Putin’s comments. “You just don’t get it, do you – your terrorist strikes only make us stronger. We are coming after you” the Ukrainians taunted.

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Terry Brewer October 11, 2022 at 7:40 am

Here’s a thought: Much like the US did with the World Trade Center, I’m thinking Ukraine took out that embassy as a means to continue escalating the war and garner sympathy, weapons and more billions from the UN membership. This is nothing more than propaganda. Ukraine is but a money laundering operation for US politicians, as well as a lab for biological weapons, which are funded by the US. FJB, and Zelenskyy and Putin.


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