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Russia Conducts Naval Snap Drills In Pacific With 25,000+ Servicemen

Russian Navy

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The Russian Navy started live-fire snap drills in the Pacific on April 14th. On Monday, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced that the snap combat readiness check of the Russian Pacific Fleet involved more than 25,000 servicemen being put on high alert.

“They’re engaged in fire drills and tactical exercises, while also working on improving interactions between different branches of the military,” Shoigu said. A total of 167 ships, 89 aircraft and helicopters, and 12 submarines are involved in the large-scale exercises.

Shoigu added that during the drills, Russian nuclear-capable long-range strategic bombers will “fly over the central part of the Pacific Ocean to imitate strikes against groups of enemy ships.”

It is assumed by most that the massive naval exercises, which are far removed from the frontlines in Ukraine, are being held as a reminder to the U.S. and its NATO allies that Russia still has enormous military capability in multiple theaters, according to a report by Zerohedge.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry has confirmed that sectors in the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of Japan, the southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Avacha Bay on the southeastern coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula would be closed to air and sea traffic until completion of the practice missile and torpedo launches and the artillery exercises that are part of the ongoing snap drills.

According to the ministry, the exercises were intended to “test the Pacific Fleet’s readiness to repel aggression.”

Shoigu was also quick to note that while the Ukraine war still drags on “nobody has aborted the task of developing the navy” and boasted that the “final stage” of the exercises will start Tuesday. He had also said previously that the combat readiness checks for the fleet are about “boosting the ability of the armed forces to execute the tasks of repelling aggression by a potential enemy from maritime directions.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the “high level” performance of the Russian navy and other armed forces participating in the exercises on Monday and claimed that additional drills will be held in the future.

Russian state media has also reported that multi-national exercises will be starting in Sweden this week.

The Aurora-23 international military drills are set to begin in Sweden on Monday and go until May 11. Participating countries include Finland, Norway, Poland, the United States, Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Ukraine, Austria, France, and Germany, according to the Swedish Defense Ministry.

The exercises are being conducted to “improve the combat readiness of the armed forces” should a hypothetical armed attack be carried out against Sweden.

The Swedish Defense Ministry said, “The exercise is one of the main tools of enhancing, testing and demonstrating combat readiness.”

“Together with military units from our partner countries, we strengthen security while enhancing Sweden’s operational capabilities,” the ministry added.

The drills will include some 26,000 forces from all military units and will take place on the land, sea, and in the air.

While the war in Ukraine continues to rage, it appears that Western allies are taking the opportunity during the annual military exercise to flex their military might, perhaps in response to recent increased Russian and China military exercises and drills.

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