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Leaked Document: Russians Using Electronic Jamming, American-Made Smart Bombs Failing In Ukraine

JDAM-ER “Smart Bombs”

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According to a document leaked by Jack Teixeira, GPS-guided American-made smart bombs are failing in Ukraine due to Russian forces successfully utilizing electronic jamming equipment.

The classified document notes that not only are Russian countermeasures effective in causing the bombs to fail, but technical problems have also arisen that have caused the bombs to not detonate.

Part of the Biden administration’s defense aid has included sending Joint Direct Attack Minition-Extended Range (JDAM-ER) to Ukraine. JDAMs have the ability to turn unguided bombs into “smart bombs” that are GPS guided and make them capable of hitting targets more than 50 miles away.

To counter Ukraine’s use of American JDAMs, Russian forces have used GPS jamming to successfully interfere with the bombs’ guidance system causing them to miss their targets. Other American weapons including rockets have also missed their mark due to Russian jamming as well, according to Zerohedge.

A former Pentagon official and retired CIA officer, Mick Mulroy, said, “I do think there may b concern that the Russians may be jamming the signal used to direct the JDAMs, which would answer why these munitions are not performing in the manner expected and how they perform in other war zones.”

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According to the leaked document, “1,000 arming lanyards” were approved for Ukrainian troops, which indicates that more than 1,000 of the JDAM smart bomb kits will be provided to Kyiv.

The failure of American munitions and equipment unfortunately has not stopped with the JDAMs and has prevented the American arms from being the ‘game changer’ that Ukraine had been hoping for from the U.S. According to other leaked documents, American M270 and HIMARs rockets are also being sabotaged by Russian GPS jamming tactics. Other documents in the collection of leaked classified material have indicated that the Ukrainian military has consistently faced a shortage of weapons and ammunition shortages, despite the U.S. alone sending billions in military aid to the war-torn country.

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