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BREAKING SQUID GAMES – Russian Troops Reportedly Open Fire On Unarmed Protesters In Kherson, Ukraine

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Since Russian troops took the northern Ukrainian town of Kherson early in the conflict, Ukrainian civilians have been gathering on the town square trying to drive the forces away.

You can see a video of this protest below in the first video. The trucks with the ‘Z’ are Russian military.

Today the demonstration turned violent as Russian troops opened fire on unarmed civilians, shown in the videos below. We do not have confirmation it was Russian troops pulling the trigger during this incident but it looks likely.

The Russian forces in Kherson have been offering food and supplies to the Ukrainian civilians on a daily basis but the local residents will not accept.

There are multiple reports of Azov Battallion Ukrainian troops also firing on unarmed civilians to blame Russian troops, and using civilians as human shields, by setting up firing positions in civilian areas.

Below is also video of Russian troops stealing from supermarkets in Kherson.

Sign reads ‘Kherson is Ukraine’

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John Patrick Acord March 21, 2022 at 10:30 pm

Stupid be as stupid is.


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