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Russia Announces Ceasefire, Opens Humanitarian Corridors, Terms For Cessation Of Hostilities

Ukrainian Negotiating Team Arrives To Meet With Kremlin Representatives

Putin Says Ukraine Refuses Ultimatum - War To Ramp Up Again Tonight

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The Russian Federation has this morning announced a ceasefire in Ukraine, opened humanitarian corridors, and offered terms for cessation of hostilities according to Russian state news agency TASS.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, was that Ukraine cease all military action, change its constitution to enshrine military neutrality, acknowledge Crimea as Russian territory after the Russian invasion of 2014, and give official recognizance to the separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent nations.

“Vladimir Putin informed about the progress of the special military operation on protecting Donbass, conveyed principal approaches and assessments in this context, explained in detail basic set goals and tasks. It was emphasized that the special operation is proceeding according to a plan and is on schedule,” the statement said. It was noted that Russia’s armed forces “were doing everything possible to preserve the lives and guarantee the security of civilians, precision strikes are targeting exclusively the facilities of military infrastructure,” reported TASS.

“Against this background, the actions of nationalist neo-Nazi formations that continue the intensive shelling of Donbass and use civilians, including foreigners, practically taken hostage, as human shields in Ukrainian cities and localities, are particularly cruel and cynical,” the statement noted.

During the conversation, the Russian leader confirmed “the Russian side’s readiness for dialogue with Ukraine’s authorities and foreign partners in order to settle the conflict.” “That said, the futility was noted of any attempts to stall the negotiation process used by the Ukrainian army to regroup its forces and means. In relation to that, it was stressed that the suspension of the special operation is possible only if Kiev ceases the military actions and fulfills Russia’s demands that were made perfectly clear,” the Kremlin reported. “A hope was expressed that during another planned round of talks, Ukraine’s representatives will display a more constructive approach that fully takes into account the current circumstances,” the press service added.

The Russian Armed Forces announce a ceasefire from 10 o’clock in the morning and are opening humanitarian corridors from Kiev, Kharkov, Sumy and Mariupol, Russia’s Inter-Agency Humanitarian Response Coordination Center reported on Monday, added TASS.

“Considering the catastrophic humanitarian situation and its dramatic deterioration in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov, Sumy and Mariupol, and also at the personal request by President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Armed Forces of Russia announce a ceasefire from 10:00 on March 7, 2022 for humane purposes and are opening humanitarian corridors,” the statement reads.

One corridor will offer the evacuation of civilians from Kiev along the following route: Kiev, Gostomel, Rakovka, Sosnovka, Ivankov, Oranoye, Chernobyl, Gden (Belarus), Gomel with the subsequent delivery to Russia by air, the Center said.

The exit from Mariupol will be organized along two routes. The first route will involve the cities of Mariupol, Novoazovsk and Rostov-on-Don, from which civilians will be taken by air, railway and auto transport to selected points of destination or temporary accommodation centers. The second route will lie along the cities of Mariupol, Portovskoye, Mangush bypassing Nikolskoye, Respublika, Rozovka, Bilmak, Pologi, Orekhov, Zaporozhye, it specified.

From Kharkov, evacuees will be taken to Nekhoteyevka and farther to Belgorod, from which civilians will be delivered by air, railway and auto transport to selected destination points or temporary accommodation centers, it said.

From Sumy, civilians will be taken to Sudzha and farther to Belgorod from where they will be delivered by air, railway and auto transport to selected destination points or temporary accommodation centers. The second route will lie along Sumy, Golubovka, Romny, Lokhvitsa, Lubny, Poltava, the Center specified, wrote TASS.

Ukrainian negotiators arriving today by helicopter

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Wayne March 8, 2022 at 4:35 am

Both globalists Putin and Zelensky have agreed-planned to engage in war for only a certain amount of time. This is part of the plan by all the world’s sinister globalists and deep state cartel to bring about their “great deception”, and at the expense of civilian lives who clearly don’t matter to both of these sly globalists.


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