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Yakut Designers ‘Re-Populate’ Dead GULAG Town Of Kadykchan

Yakut Designers ‘Re-Populate’ Dead GULAG Town Of Kadykchan
Image by Laika ac

Once the coal mining capital of Central Kolyma, it was ghosted after the 1996 mine explosion.

A group of designers from two Yakutsk art studios spent four days in the deserted town to ‘revive’ it with drawings of everyday life. 

‘We wanted to breathe a bit of life into the empty town, and now Kadykchan is not that empty. There are people living along its central street, they are going about their usual daily business, they walk to work, meet their loved ones and wait for customers’, said one of the designers from Suluschan Art studio…

To read more visit The Siberian Times.

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