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Russian Chinese Coronavirus Cases Explode Higher

Russian Chinese Coronavirus Cases Explode Higher
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With close to six thousand confirmed cases added overnight, the Chinese coronavirus pandemic in Moscow has reached serious proportions, with approximately 60,000 total infections. Due to limited testing capacity, the likely number is much higher.

Tsarizm has written extensively about the significant electronic surveillance Moscow is using to track those infected, borrowing heavily from Chinese technology. Muscovites must now ask permission from the government to leave their homes and scan a QR code. The Kremlin is using cellphone geolocation to track residents.

The rector of Moscow’s Yelokhovo Cathedral, Archpriest Alexander Ageykin died from the pathogen declared the Russian Orthodox Church, reported The Moscow Times. The first doctor in Moscow treating coronavirus infections also has passed away.

Maxim Starinsky, 56, died on Monday at Kommunarka hospital, Moscow’s main coronavirus treatment center after he became infected tending to patients at Veterans Hospital no. 3, according to two nurses who worked with him. Both asked to remain anonymous, reported The Moscow Times.

“He was a very good person, friend, doctor,” said one of the nurses, adding that she had been friends with Starinsky for 23 years. “Everyone loved him.” 

The new hospital built outside Moscow to house coronavirus patients outside Moscow has begun admissions. The facility was built in a month.

A good explanation of a private hospital converted entirely to coronavirus treatment is here.

The Kremlin has postponed the famed May ‘Victory Day’ military parade in Red Square.

Moscow expects the epidemic to peak in two weeks and then cases will begin to decline.

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Tucker April 24, 2020 at 2:04 am

This is shocking news. I had thought that Russia had managed to get control of the pandemic and had things under control?

The early news reports coming out of Russia left me with that impression. Apparently this was not the case.

My best wishes go out to the people of Russia and I hope this pandemic does not cause any serious consequences and is brought under control as quickly as possible.


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