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Moscow To Be Restricted With Certain Exceptions For At Least A week…Will Need QR Code For Authorization To Leave Home

Moscow To Be Restricted With Certain Exceptions For At Least A week...Will Need QR Code For Authorization To Leave Home
Vladimir Putin visited the Coronavirus Monitoring Center
Image by Kremlin.ru

Residents of the Russian capital Moscow are scurrying about today making last minute trips to the store and other essentials before a city-wide electronic lockdown begins on Monday for at least one week. Muscovites will be required to scan a QR code for permission to leave their homes for certain allowed exceptions. Money for future payments, food, medical items, are all on the list today so that residents will not have to leave their dwellings during the official quarantine.

The Russian capital was widely reported to be planning a system of scannable QR code passes to allow residents to leave their homes during the lockdown that’s currently scheduled to end on May 1. Authorities have put off the decision, noting that they were satisfied with current rates of self-isolation, reported The Moscow Times.

The mayor and his deputies previously warned residents that they would face tighter lockdown rules if they stopped following self-isolation orders. The Yandex tech giant’s recently developed self-isolation tracking system has noted an uptick in quarantine violations in recent days.

Under Moscow’s stay-at-home order, its 12 million residents are only allowed to go outside for trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, to take out the trash, to walk their pets or to seek emergency medical care. Those who violate these rules are subject to fines.

Residents caught outside will be required to show their internal passports as well as electronic permission slips. Fines for violations could result in fines in the hundreds of dollars or imprisonment for severe infractions.

Russia is now reporting over 10,000 cases of COVID-19 along with over 100 deaths.

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