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Ukraine Declares It Wants Large Prisoner Swap In Donbass Before Next Normandy Summit

Ukraine Declares It Wants Large Prisoner Swap In Donbass Before Next Normandy Summit
A group of prisoners of war from «Donbass» and «Aidar» battalions captured in Ilovaisk. Video has been created in Donetsk
Image by Gennadiy Dubovoy

Ukraine wants to conduct a large prisoner swap in the war-torn eastern region of Donbass before the next Normandy Summit at the end of this year, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“We plan to hold a large-scale prisoner swap before the next [Normandy Quartet] summit, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko in an interview with ICTV channel, adding that the event was tentatively scheduled for April.

The minister said that the previous summit, held in Paris in December 2019, helped to “make progress in the issue of swaps.”

“We carried out an important exchange, brining many Ukrainians home,” Pristayko said.

“Last time, we manage to agree on seven provisions, and the border issue was not among them. But [Ukrainian] President [Vladimir] Zelensky raises this question. The first step, as we had earlier suggested to Russia, could be setting up a working group to consider the issue of how control over the border can be handed over to Ukraine. This group has not been set up as of now. President Zelensky will insist on considering this issue,” Ukraine’s top diplomat said.

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