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After Coup, Russia Still Wants Naval Base In Sudan

After Coup, Russia Still Wants Naval Base In Sudan
Neuer Container Terminal in Port Sudan
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After the recent coup that removed President Bashir in favor of a military dictatorship, Russia is hopeful relations between the two countries will proceed as before. The Kremlin is especially keen to acquire the much-discussed naval base on Sudan’s Red Sea coast

The head of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies’ Center of the Near and Middle East Vladimir Fitin told Russian state news agency TASS on Monday, that Sudan’s new authorities may show continued interest in hosting a Russian naval base.

He pointed out that “former President Omar al-Bashir’s government offered to host a Russian naval base, so there are numerous opportunities to boost ties and cooperation.”

“I think the recent changes in Sudan will have no negative impact on the country’s relations with Russia,” the expert pointed out. “Everyone is interested in having strong ties with Russia, which has a vast experience of cooperation with Sudan and can offer assistance in various areas, which is what it has done many times before, particularly in geological exploration and mineral production,” Fitin noted.


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