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Russian Population Shrinks For First Time In Decade

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Living in Norilsk – Russian groom carrying his bride in his arms in Siberia, Russia

The population of the Russian Federation has declined for the first time in a decade, highlighting a growing demographic challenge for the Kremlin.

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Declining birth rates after the collapse of the Soviet Union have resulted in a second demographic slump as the generation born in the 1990s reaches its prime childbearing years. A UN report predicted that by 2050, Russia’s population will shrink by 11 million and will increasingly be concentrated in urban areas.

A new mid-year report from Russia’s Rosstat statistics agency said the population had decreased by 91,900 people between January and July this year.

In his 2018 election campaign, President Vladimir Putin pledged to spend $8.6 billion over three years on programs including mortgage subsidies and payouts to families to encourage Russians to have more babies, reported The Moscow Times.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised serious funds will be allocated to social spending including those that promote large families. The reduction in the available work force could seriously threaten the Russian economy over time if the trend continues.

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