Albanian Police Disperse Protesters Using Tear Gas, Water Cannons, Pepper Spray

The Albanian police have dispersed protesters using tear gas, water cannons and pepper spray, while dozens have been detained.

The third day of protests following the killing of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha by a policeman after the victim allegedly failed to comply with police orders to stop during curfew hours, was marked by chants against the government, demands for the General Director of Police Ardi Veliu to resign, and the reforming of police.

They blame Veliu for building a police force along political party lines, according to government guidelines.

Protesters gathered in front of the Ministry of Interior, moved toward the Prime Minister’s Office building and the Tirana Police Department.

Some of the protesters vandalized street signs and trash bins. They were dispersed with tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons by special police forces following the small crowds. Dozens of protesters were reportedly detained, adding to 59 detained last night, and 116 being investigated for participating in illegal gatherings and destruction of public property.

Prime Minister Edi Rama had warned earlier that vandals will face prison. He also stated that Veliu will not resign, whilst accusing President Ilir Meta and former President Sali Berisha for orchestrating the violence.

The protests were reportedly called by several popular social media accounts engaging in social and political memes, following the killing of the young man, and their claims that the government was trying to blame the victim. No political party or politician has claimed to have organized the protests.

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Sam December 12, 2020 at 9:31 am

This has all spread from our stupid stupid United States, which has become a rats den of hard Left activist.
The fact of the matter is that America is dead. What you see now is its rotting corpse. Rotting corpses spread diseases.


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