Kosovo President Thaçi Attacks Kosovo-Serbia Brussels Dialogue

Kosovo President Thaçi Attacks Kosovo-Serbia Brussels Dialogue

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi has attacked the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia facilitated by the European Union over allegations that Brussels is unable to bring the two countries to agree to mutual recognition.

In an event on Jewish New Year in Prishtina on Tuesday, Thaçi stressed that Brussels talks are bringing back to the table topics already agreed before, and that only dialogue facilitation by the United States can lead to mutual recognition and end all disputes between Kosovo and Serbia.

The Oval Office deal “achieved the impossible,” he said, while hailing US envoy Richard Grenell for achieving in a short time what the Europeans have not achieved in 20 years.

“I am confident that political normalization can also happen, and mutual recognition can only happen in Washington. Other attempts are in vain and a waste of time,” Thaçi stated.

He noted that the issues of the Association of Serb Municipalities had already been agreed in 2013, but Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has accepted to negotiate it again in the next round of talks in September. Thaçi claimed that the two parties should just implement it instead.

He stated that all topics discussed in Brussels would be a step backwards if mutual recognition is not the top priority.

He added that any agenda other than mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia is a step backwards.

“I believe that same as economic normalization was achieved in Washington, mutual recognition also can only be achieved in the White House. Any other agenda, whether regarding the association, property issues or else, have been discussed two or three times, and for me it is a step backwards for Kosovo. It is, instead, Serbia’s agenda. The Association must be in accordance with the 2013 agreement, the mandate and right given by the Constitutional Court. The opening for discussion of the Association is a blow to Kosovo’s statehood. The Kosovo Parliament must be very attentive,” Thaçi stated.

He praised Israel’s recognition of Kosovo for having “strategic importance for world peace”.

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