US, Kosovo, Serbia Administrations Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

US, Kosovo, Serbia Administrations Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The governments of the United States, Kosovo and Serbia have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize following the “economic normalization” pledges the two countries signed in the White House on September 4, 2020.

The nomination was made by Swedish politician Magnus Jacobsson, who announced it on his social media on Friday. This is the second nomination in a week for US President Donald Trump, following that for the Israel-UAE deal.

Kosovo and Serbia signed separate pledges at the Oval Office, covering economic issues, and diplomatic relations with Israel.

Israel and Kosovo will recognize each other; Kosovo will open an embassy in Jerusalem, and Serbia will move its embassy from Tel Avivi to Jerusalem, according to pledges made.

The pledge signed by Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti was harshly criticized at home by the opposition and the speaker of parliament. The largest party in the country said it was unconstitutional, a treason to Kosovo’s people, and a political stunt by the Trump administration.  

Hoti defended his signature, arguing that he had to agree to some points he had long disputed before because of the US administration’s pressure, including membership in the Mini-Schengen initiative, suspending asking for recognitions and membership in international organizations. 

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic declared victory upon returning home, arguing that he was able to successfully pressure the US administration for Serbia not to sign an agreement with Kosovo, but to sign a pledge for the US instead. Vucic said his voice was heard in taking out of Serbia’s document the terms “Republic of Kosovo” and “mutual recognition”. He added that all other points in the pledge will bring benefits to Serbia, including access to Albania’s ports.

The US government praised the “historic agreement”, stressing how it will bring peace to a long-standing conflict between Kosovo and Serbia, as well as how the deal secured Kosovo’s recognition of the state of Israel, the second Muslim majority country to do so recently, despite Kosovo have been lobbying since its independence in 2008 and refused mutual recognition by Israel.

On Wednesday, President Trump got another nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian far-right politician, citing Israel’s deal with the United Arab Emirates.

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