Trump Envoy Grenell Criticizes Biden For Politicizing Kosovo-Serbia Talks

Trump Envoy Grenell Criticizes Biden For Politicizing Kosovo-Serbia Talks

US Envoy Richard Grenell has criticized Joe Biden for allegedly politicizing Kosovo-Serbia negotiations with his recent statement.

Biden claimed the Trump administration had mishandled the situation by not collaborating with the EU. He promised to do the opposite if he becomes president, and to push for a deal that would result in mutual recognition.

Grenell responded that Biden’s record in foreign policy is negative. He added that the Obama administration failed the people of Kosovo and Serbia, while the Trump administration facilitated three agreements and pushed for resumption of dialogue.

Grenell’s statement in full:

“As Vice President, Joe Biden loved for the media to portray him as the Administration’s foreign affairs heavyweight, even though their own Secretary of Defense stated that Biden had “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

It should come as no surprise then that today Biden continued to deliver nothing but more talk and empty promises to the people of Kosovo and Serbia.

Joe Biden has today thrown the negotiations between the parties into a US presidential political issue. By doing so, he guarantees that nothing will move forward before November and the people of Kosovo and Serbia will have to wait – again – for politicians to stop using them.

In contrast to Biden’s all-talk-no-action approach, the Trump Administration has concentrated on taking the important first step of economic normalization between Kosovo and Serbia. To that end, President Trump oversaw successful negotiations of three separate agreements between Belgrade and Pristina on air, rail and motor travel. In short, President Trump has delivered long overdue results and Joe Biden is again just talking like he has throughout his forty years in Washington.

The people of Kosovo and Serbia know there is no comparison between the 8 years of Obama-Biden’s empty promises and the Trump Administration’s actions.”

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