Kosovo’s President Says Outgoing Prime Minister Shall Not Lead Negotiations With Serbia

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaçi has stated that Acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti was toppled by the parliament and has no legitimacy to commit internationally on behalf on Kosovo.

In a press release on Thursday, Thaçi blasted Kurti for violating “the constitution hierarchy” by not consulting with the President, as leader of the country’s foreign policy, before presenting EU Special Envoy Miroslav Lajcak with an outline of Kosovo’s negotiating team for the dialogue with Serbia.

Last week, Kurti presented Lajcak with his plan to lead a 10-member team in negotiations with Serbia, which would include President Hashim Thaçi, Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani, and one representative from each of the seven parliamentary groups as members.

Constitutional Court decision from 2019, and a recent resolution by the Parliament stipulate that only the government of Kosovo can engage in negotiations for an agreement with Serbia.

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