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Estonian President ‘Goes There’ With Russo-Ukrainian Conflict…”It’s War In Europe”

Image by ВО «Свобода

The president of the former Soviet republic of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, ‘went there’ when discussing the Russo-Ukrainian conflict which has been raging since 2014, and burst onto the scene in the Sea of Azov over the weekend.

“On Sunday, Russia attacked Ukrainian military vessels in the Azov Sea. We must use the right terms — this is war in Europe. The Ukrainian people have been engaged in war since 2014 and the Crimean peninsula is still under occupation,” the president’s statement said.

Russia Fires On Ukrainian Ships In Sea Of Azov

“I urge the international community and the democratic world leaders to join me in this statement, to condemn the Russian aggression clearly, collectively and immediately and demand a stop to the aggression. Silent acknowledgement means de facto recognition of the occupation of the Crimean peninsula. The value-based international community cannot allow itself to adopt such a stance. War in Europe will not, shall not and cannot ever again be accepted as business as usual.”

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