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Poland Fires All Moscow Foreign Service Academy Graduates…Were They All KGB?

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The ruling party in Poland, the Law and Justice Party (PiS), really doesn’t like Russia. In fact, the party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynzki, blames Russia for the death of his brother in a fiery aircraft crash in Russia while he was Poland’s president.

So it is no surprise that over the last several years, Poland has fired all of the graduates of Moscow’s foreign service academy, MGIMO, from its own foreign service ranks.

Russian Defense Minister Threatens Poland After Warsaw Offers To Build Base For US Armored Division…”We Must Be Ready To Neutralize”

“The ministry’s senior management has been changed almost 100 percent. Particularly, there is currently no one who is a communist secret services associate or Moscow’s MGIMO graduate,” said Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz recently.

Although the new personnel policy is believed to have affected Soviet-era graduates of all Russian universities, MGIMO alumni have been singled out in the foreign ministry’s public statements, reported Zero Hedge.

According to Czaputovicz, such a personnel turnover was “necessary for the effectiveness of the ministry”.

“Since they were trained in the Soviet Union, it is undesirable they should hold leading positions in the foreign ministry,” said a Polish official, wrote Zero Hedge.

Putin Is Living in a World Without Rules

Poland has become very hawkish against Russian threatening behavior in the Baltics and Moscow’s ‘near abroad’. Recently Warsaw offered to spend $2 billion to develop a base for American forces in-country and the Polish foreign ministry even suggested calling it “Fort Trump”.

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