Russian Defense Minister Threatens Poland And US After Warsaw Offers To Build Base For US Armored Division..."We Must Be Ready To Neutralize"
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Russian Defense Minister Threatens Poland After Warsaw Offers To Build Base For US Armored Division…”We Must Be Ready To Neutralize”

Image by Kremlin.ru
Sergey Shoigu parade 2013

Russia Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a trip to Minsk, Belarus today, threatened Poland due to its offer to spend $2 billion to build a base for an American armored division in the territory of the former Warsaw Pact.

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Shoigu threatened Poland because of the possible deployment of the American division, read the headline at RIA Novosti, a Russian news outlet.

“Under these conditions, we <...> must be ready to neutralize possible military threats in all directions,” he said at the joint board of military departments of Russia and Belarus, reported RIA.

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Shoigu said Russia does not want to invade NATO territory but bemoaned the development of increased deployment of NATO forces near the Russian border. A rotating NATO battle group and an American armored brigade is currently stationed in Poland.

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