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Russian Investigative Journalist Murdered In Kyiv

Image by Автор снимка неизвестен, владелец прав – Аркадий Бабченко

A Russian investigative journalist, Arkady Babchenko, was today murdered in his apartment in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. He was shot in the back and died on the way to the hospital after he was found bleeding by his wife, reported Associated Press.

“The 41-year-old Babchenko served in the Russian army during the first separatist war in Chechnya during the 1990s and later became a journalist. He worked as a military correspondent for several Russian media outlets. Babchenko had been scathingly critical of the Kremlin in recent years. He left Russia in February 2017, saying he was receiving threats and concerned he might be jailed. In the fall, Babchenko moved to Kiev, where he worked as a host for the Crimean Tatar TV station, ATR,” wrote AP.

There has been a rash of journalists murdered who were Kremlin opponents, most notably Anna Politkovskaya, who was gunned down outside her apartment in 2006. More recently, Maxim Borodin, a journalist who wrote about the deaths of Russian mercenaries in Syria, ‘accidentally’ fell out of his apartment in Ekaterinburg, Russia, to his death.

Russian Journalist Who Covered Oligarch’s Wagner Mercenaries In Syria ‘Accidentally’ Falls To His Death From Fifth Floor Balcony

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