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Video: Russia Uses Rapping Pensioners To Get Out The Vote

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The Russian presidential election in on March 18th of this year and Russia is pulling out the stops to get people to the polls. It is a well-known fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be elected to his fourth term and be in office for another six years. However, what is critical for the Kremlin is that at least 70% of the electorate turns out to vote to add legitimacy to the pre-ordained outcome.

Novouralsk Broadcasting Company posted this video on Youtube with pensioners singing, “Oy, come to the election, let’s go vote. If not us, who will choose the president?” and “We’re collecting flags for our path. We’re marking our ballots, oy, a president! C’mon!” and “Everyone says why bother? They say it’s already clear who will get the award, and they’ll only get stronger behind locked doors. Well they’re like screw it, but I’m like yippee!” reported Meduza.

Putin Wants ‘Some Companies’ Monitored By Intelligence Services During 2018 Election

No source is given for who produced the video but likely pro-Putin force are behind the effort.

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