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Video: Fire On Board Aeroflot Jet, Passengers React

Image by Kristóf Csemniczky

Fire broke out on an Aeroflot jet, the state airline of Russia, during a flight on Wednesday from Moscow to Volgograd. A portable power unit suddenly exploded and passengers reacted by dousing the fire with water bottles. It was reported that emergency slides were used to evacuate people on board, some of whom panicked, although the video shows everyone acting in a calm manner. A crew member finally extinguished the flames with a fire extinguisher.

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“As passengers were disembarking following a routine landing, a portable power bank belonging to one of the passengers began emitting white smoke.

“The smoke was immediately put out by cabin crew, and all passengers calmly disembarked as normal using regular airstairs. There were no injuries,” said an Aeroflot spokesman.

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