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Saakashvili Says He’ Ready To Be Prime Minister

Image by European People’s Party

The former mayor of Odessa, Mikhail Saakashvili, has declared he is ready to be Prime Minister of Ukraine. The flamboyant politician who forced his way back into the country after having his citizenship revoked by the government in power in Kyiv has been advocating for the impeachment of current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko due to his alleged support for corruption.

Kyiv Anti-Corruption Protests Rage For Second Day

“Ukraine needs an urgent formation of a new government,” Saakashvili told several hundred people in a tent city of protesters outside the parliament building on November 19. “I’m ready to spearhead this process jointly with you and to head this government if necessary,” reported RFERL.

“Let’s create a new government of Ukraine,” he added. “But above all, we will find those Ukrainians who care about Ukraine, who will respect and develop Ukraine.”

Saakashvili declared that a movement to impeach the president should begin early next month. “December 3 will be the beginning of ‘popular impeachment,'” he said. “Before December 3, we will continue to do what we have started to do. December 3 is Day X for all of us. Let us get organized. I will be traveling across the country to raise people peacefully.”

Saakashvili has allied his new political party, The Movement of New Forces, with the former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko and her Self Reliance party.

Ukraine Anti-Corruption Bureau Files Case Against Sister Agency

There have been multiple allegations of corruption levied against the Ukrainian government in recent months. Tsarizm has been active in outlining some of these cases.

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