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Hungarian Foreign Minister Says It’s About Security Stupid, Not Hating Muslims

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The Hungarian Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó, this week in an interview with the BBC, said that Hungary is not anti-Muslim, but seriously concerned about the security of its people, and will therefore not allow more Muslim migrants into the country. The European Union has initiated ‘infringement’ procedures against Eastern Europe, including Hungary, for not accepting hundreds of thousands of mostly economic refugees from Northern Africa and Eastern Europe.

The legal proceedings could end up seeing Hungary being fined large amounts by the EU. Hungary has said they would rather be fined than have their people killed.

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“We are a Christian country, and a Christian Democratic government. If you are a Christian, you must not be anti anyone,” said Szijjártó. “If you look back over the last several years, and what happened in Europe you see illegal migration posed an enormous security problem. You see the terrorist attacks and the seriousness of the security problem there in Europe, and we are responsible for our own country, and we do not want to see, again, those things that happened in Hungary in 2015 where hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants occupied our public areas.”

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The BBC correspondent didn’t look like she enjoyed his answer very much, as she fidgeted in her chair, waiting for a chance to attack his comments.

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