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Poland Tells EU Judicial Reforms Are In-Line With EU Standards

Poland’s foreign ministry responded to the European Union’s legal action against the Eastern European nation for its judiciary reform laws saying the new law signed into force was within EU standards and would not be changed. Poland said it is cooperating and providing information to Brussels in the case, “in the spirit of loyal cooperation.”

“In response … the Polish side emphasized that the legislative process which has the primary goal of reforming the justice system is in line with European standards and answers social expectations that have been growing for years, therefore the Commission’s doubts are groundless,” the foreign ministry said in a statement, reports Reuters.

Poland Passes Law To Demolish Red Army Monuments

European Union critics say the new law and the laws that have been approved by parliament, but vetoed by the president, undermine democracy and the rule of law. Poland has said the legislation removes a liberal bias in the courts where judges were named by an outside panel and not the legislature or executive branch.

Poland Says Europe Must Wake Up To Clash Of Civilizations

In the United States, judges are nominated by the executive and approved by the legislature. Poland said the concerns of the European Commission are groundless.

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