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Russia Bans Khodorkovsky’s ‘Open Russia’

Russia Bans 'Open Russia' From Khodorkovsky

The Group started by former Russian tycoon Mikhail Khordorkovsky, called Open Russia, has been banned by the Kremlin. The group had called for a protest this coming Saturday against the Russian government.

Khordorkovsky spent ten years in a prison colony after Vladimir Putin’s government broke up his oil company, Yukos, over tax charges. Critics of the Kremlin called him a political prisoner for committing the crime of opposing Putin politically.

The group’s Russian offices say they are administratively separate and can continue their activities.

Khordorkovsy was pardoned prior to the Sochi Olympics and moved abroad to avoid further punishment. One of Open Russia’s high profile officials, Vladimir Kara-Murza, has been poisoned twice.

The prosecutor’s office said the organizations aimed at inspiring protests and destabilizing the country, reported Associated Press.

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