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Russia, Germany, And France Agree To Share Intelligence Against Terror

Slowly the West and Russia seem to be realizing that, once again, they need to be cooperating on fighting the scourge of Islamic terror which has struck almost every capital in recent decades. Today, Germany, France, and Russia agreed to increase the sharing of information to combat the global Jihadi threat. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev called the recent subway bombing a ‘terrorist act.’

The Russian Investigative Committee announced Tuesday the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber named Akbarjon Djalilov, a 22-year-old Russian national who was born in Kyrgyzstan reported Russian news outlets.

The discussion took place by phone and also included the issue of the conflict in the Donbass region in East Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists are fighting the government in Kyiv. Germany and France pressed Russia to use its influence to force compliance from the rebels with the Minsk agreements which declared terms for a cease fire in the region. The terms of the peace agreement are largely being ignored from both sides.

“Merkel urged Putin to use his influence with the separatists [to keep to the April 1 ceasefire],” a German government source told Reuters.

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