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Lukashenko Says ‘Brother Ukraine’ Fighting For Independence

Lukashenko Says Ukraine fighting for independence

The leader of the former Soviet republic of Belarus (White Russia), President Alexander Lukashenko, sometimes known as Europe’s last dictator, said recently that fellow Slavic nation Ukraine is fighting for its independence, reports the BELTA News Agency.

“We got our independence cheaply; all the nations fought,” Lukashenko said while speaking to a gathering of scientists.

“Right now fraternal Ukraine is fighting for its independence. We cannot afford to fight. We are a peace-loving people.”

Lukashenko went on to say that Belarus is also locked in an economic, not military, struggle with Moscow as Russia plans to reduce oil supplies 12% to Belarus in the first quarter due to unpaid bills. Moscow has also all but forced Belarus to accept a Russian air force base on its soil. Hydrocarbons are a weapon Moscow uses frequently to get its way in a variety of disputes with other nations.

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