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Russia To Upgrade Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System

Russia to upgrade ABM system

Russia plans to upgrade its anti-ballistic missile system by the end of 2017. The primary focus of Russian ABM will be to protect Moscow and other important military installations.

“Work is in full swing today to create a unified national ABM-air defense system of the 21st century to comprise S-500 air defense missile complexes and advanced mobile radar stations. As a whole, the entire ABM system will be upgraded until the end of 2017. Importantly, the system is being modernized without the withdrawal of capabilities from the organic mode of operation, i.e. without interruptions in operational readiness,” Chief of Staff of a Missile Defense Formation Colonel Alexei Chumakov

“At present, the radar Don-2N is also undergoing profound upgrade to increase the range of detecting both ballistic targets and small space objects and make its transmitters and receivers more powerful,” Reported Russian State News Agency Tass.

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