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Russia Wants A National “Ideology”

Russians want a national ideologyRussia, as with other nations from France to America, has struggled with the concept of maintaining their national identity, as waves of migration threaten the way of life of different peoples everywhere in the Western and historically ‘white’ world. It seems the Kremlin has decided a law declaring a ‘national identity’ and ‘ideology’ will do the trick.

The Law on the Russian Nation will mark the first step towards creating a state ideology, ‘A Just Russia’ party’s parliamentary faction leader Sergey Mironov told reporters on Tuesday, reports Russian State News Agency TASS.

“I consider the formal reason (for adopting this law) and the ‘Russian nation’ definition to be highly appropriate. This is the first step to creating a state ideology,” Mironov said.

Russia wants a national ideologyAccording to him, “global terrorism has been waging a war against humanity and especially against Russia.” “They (terrorists) have an ideology, it is this ideology that they are ready to die for, to actually give their life for. We must stand up and fight them using not only weapons and our moral courage, but also our state ideology. The Russian nation concept will be a part of the ideology that we have been lacking for quite some time,” the MP added.

Besides that, Mironov suggested that “the law should stipulate that Russians are the constituent people.” “Drawing up this legislation is a great opportunity to spell out such a provision. There are ethnic groups and there are nations,” he concluded, reports TASS.
Russian wants a national ideology

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