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Swine Flu Epidemic Scare In Moscow

Swine Flu Epidemic Scare In MoscowAfter over thirty people died in St. Petersburg from a particular virulent strain of swine flu, Muscovites are scared and concerned. Anti-viral drugs are now scarce as residents try to self-medicate.

“I drove all over the district and I can find nothing,” said one women who was looking for Tamiful and Interferon. “Doctors are saying if you get sick to come to the clinic immediately as early treatment is the key. The first few days are critical.”

People are avoiding the metro and wearing masks when outside. There is a vaccine available but there seems to be much confusion over its effectiveness. The medical scare is just one more thing residents of the Russian capital have to deal with as the economic situation worsens and the ruble plummets to all time lows against world currencies.

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