Author : Chris Sotomayor

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Chris is an executive and career coach who has worked with 3000+ clients from 90 different countries over the past 11 years. Before becoming a coach, he was a management consultant for 10 years. He worked on challenging international projects in technology, strategy, marketing, and finance for firms including Samsung Electronics and McKinsey & Company. Chris lived in Seoul, South Korea for a total of 12 years, and lived in Singapore for 2.5 years. Leveraging his strong international experience, Chris has worked with CEOs of global conglomerates and senior executives, to emerging leaders and recent MBAs. He enables his clients to become better leaders, communicators, negotiators, and presenters. Chris is a life-long student of geopolitics and international relations, especially between the West and Asia. Chris graduated from Harvard University with a BA cum laude in Philosophy.

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