Chrystia Freeland Didn’t Write The Constitution Of Ukraine

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KYIV – The question is — who is the author of the Constitution of Ukraine?

Many media sources attempt to paint fascist wanna-be Chrystia Freeland as the provider of the rule of law in Ukraine.

Halyna who went into law, like her father Michael Chomiak, moved to Ukraine to help draft its post-Soviet constitution (1992-2002). Her work there was funded by George Soros.

There has been a continued mainstream media propaganda effort to paint Freeland as a stalwart of freedom and democracy and the Canadian way.

The crisis is personal for Freeland. Both of her maternal grandparents were born in Ukraine, and she has said she speaks Ukrainian at home with her children. Her mother, Halyna Chomiak Freeland, helped draft the inaugural Ukrainian constitution, according to her 2007 obituary, and as a university student, Freeland advocated for Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union, wrote Reuters.

There is even an effort to resurrect Freeland’s mother from the grave. This is from the Halyna Chomiak Obituary.

In the fall of 1992, she moved to Ukraine where she was a key initiator of the Ukrainian Legal Foundation, a non-governmental non-profit organization established to help create the rule of law in democratic Ukraine. While she served as its Executive Officer, the ULF established a legal library, legal printing press, several international legal exchange programs and a law school. From 1992-2002, Halyna participated in drafting the Constitution of Ukraine and its Civil and Criminal Procedure Codes.

The office’s founding partner, Ukrainian-American lawyer John Hewko, helped draft sections of the Ukrainian constitution in the 1990s, the firm told Law360. 

Now? Ask yourself, can you believe those sources?

Here is the real co-author of the Constitution of Ukraine – Yuriy Anatoliyovych Karmazin. 

Karmazin Yuri died on November 9th, 2022. Yuriy Anatoliyevich was one of the famous prosecutors in Ukraine. He was a professor of the Academy of Justice in Odessa. He was a Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. He was the most productive (#1) parliamentarian in the Parliament of Ukraine called Verkhovna Rada (counted by the number of laws submitted and laws drafted). Yuriy Anatoliyevych was a true patriot of Ukraine – fought for Ukraine as a state until his death. All oligarchs and criminals of various sizes knew him, hated him, admired him. He survived assassination attempts several times.

Yuriy Anatoliyevich and his colleagues, also judges and professors, wrote the Constitution of Ukraine.

Here are the names of the other co-authors of the Constitution of Ukraine:

Victor Shyshkin, Stepan Khmara, Victor Musiaka.

Victor Shyshkin was a Head of Constitutional Court of Ukraine and also a parliamentarian in the Verkovna Rada of Ukraine.

Here is an article for you to check with the interview of Yuriy Anatolyevich Karmazin. You can read his direct speech and understand he was a man of honor and Civil Justice.

“I even remember a conversation with Kuchma more than 20 years ago, when he said that it was necessary to adopt a small Constitution. To which I said: Leonid Danilovich, what is a small Constitution? And then he said: in order for 300 votes to vote for her. Then I told him that this is beyond the criminal code.

This is a change in the constitutional order in a way not provided for by the Constitution. There were people who agreed to abolish the Constitution with 240 votes. That is, 300 votes were needed for any changes. But they changed it in 240, brazenly and cynically went to the Mariinsky Palace to drink champagne. And only 11 people rebelled against it. Then I said that we would find ourselves in the chaos of a dictatorship for a decade. And so it happened. Exactly a decade later there was Kuchma’s power. In 1995, when the so-called constitutional treaty was adopted for a year, which no one remembers today, but in fact it began to collapse.”

As you can see from his interview, he predicted the consequences of constitutional chaos, conflict, crises in Ukraine for many years into the future. Ukraine now in 2023 is a failed state. 

Here are my words: “The state of Ukraine has failed, the country has not”. 

We remember who are the real patriots of Ukraine, who strived, struggled and fought for the Civil Justice in Ukraine. There are many people in Ukraine who are not known to the public in the USA. 

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We would like to warn people in the USA to be cautious when they communicate with some people in the USA about Ukraine without knowing the subject. Be very cautious when communicating with some dirty “non-sense non-state officials” from the dirty Ukrainian government (previous and current years) about the state of affairs in Ukraine – there are lies, lies, lies about almost everything. Please, be careful and check the alternative sources and speak to reputable people to understand the reality of things. The mistakes are very costly for the population of Ukraine!

We wish Karmazin would lead the group of his colleagues, prosecutors, professors of law and justice in Ukraine in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine against the criminals of all previous and current government of Ukraine and all oligarchs of all sizes in Ukraine. 

We remember your work, your fiery speeches in Verkhovna Rada against criminals in the Rada, your firm stances on the Civil Society and Justice, your logic, dear Yuri Anatoliyevich Karmazin! Rest in Peace!

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D3F1ANT July 21, 2023 at 1:22 pm

LOL! Who cares?

Pre election July 21, 2023 at 5:57 pm

Yes, very “intense politically” IS Ukraine. Murder is still a political tool.

Freeland is a Director in the WEF, those are the Davos Klaus Cult of Fascist Technocracy. Freeland is never trusted by Canadians.
As Deputy PM AND Finance Minister she holds power like no one before her in Canadian history. Trudeau is the fool in the Media, the Liberal twit and we hate him too.
NDP Singh who supports this Minority Government is the obedient WEF Jr. partner.
Canada needs a federal election before more violence from the Regime can take place or tolerated.


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