Facebook Locks Out Tsarizm.com From Posting On Its Page

Screenshot Facebook

As you can see from the image above, there is no where to post on Tsarizm.com’s Facebook page. The start-up, international news site, which has been growing rapidly, and threatening the corrupt, legacy media, has obviously threatened someone in the big-tech monopoly sphere.

Corrupt Big Tech Has Gone All-In To Defeat GOP In Midterms, Hoping To Forestall Anti-Trust Action

The technique is sneaky however, instead of blocking the page entirely, Facebook simply prevents any new articles from being posted…quite diabolical actually.

The big-tech, Marxist, internet censorship train is rapidly gaining steam after their success in preventing the spread of conservative thought prior to the midterm elections.

We Don’t Need Tyrannical Big Tech…Here Are Some Alternatives

Twitter has also highly shadow banned Tsarizm’s content, as well as the Left-leaning Reddit which has banned Tsarizm staff from posting.

We take it as a compliment; we must be doing something right.

The good thing is that our email newsletter sign up is growing rapidly, providing an organic outreach that big-tech cannot touch.

You can sign up for the newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/czw6mT

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