Massive Anti-Globalist Protests Rock France

Over 3.5 Million protesters turned out throughout France today, with over 700,000 in the capital of Paris alone, in a massive anti-globalist protest against the Macron regime dubbed #BlocageDeLaFrance. While the mainstream media is billing it as a protest against the government’s pension reform plan, the protesters’ other demands include halting the destruction of France’s energy sector, an end to the war in Ukraine, and an end to the totalitarian Covid policies adopted by the government.

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Zelensky Considers ‘Strategic Pullback’ From Bakhmut After Sending In Large Amount Of Reserve Forces

Top Zelensky officials are considering a potential ‘strategic pullback’ from the beleaguered eastern city of Bakhmut. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has admitted that he is not prepared to order the continued defense of the city at all costs. Both Ukraine and Russia are suffering tremendous casualties in the fight for the city, but Russia has superior artillery fire, which it has been using nonstop around the clock. The city is almost completely surrounded by Russian troops.

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