Short Stories


By Cochise 



Initial strikes were innocuous. Dozens of Peoples Republic of China cyber-warriors left their terminals, complaining of severe nausea and headaches. All were hustled off to the Center’s rudimentary medical facility for cursory examinations. Given an ancient Chinese mixture of herbs and ginger, augmented by a knockoff of American ibuprofen, all Peoples Liberation Army soldiers were returned to his or her computer. However, the mysterious ailments quickly spread and worsened, incapacitating dozens.

Senior army officers were worried. It was highly unusual for so many PRC troops to exhibit the same symptoms of moral weakness. A handful of malingering soldiers wasn’t unusual, and those were immediately removed from highly prestigious cyberwar duties. Word of the morally weak ones’ harsh treatment—reduction of food rations and a direct trip to an infantry unit in the far north—discouraged others from faking illness. This was different.

Food poisoning was quickly dismissed as a possible cause. All 2,000 enlisted personnel assigned to the sprawling center took their meals in the same mess hall. A thorough investigation confirmed that rations were free of bacteria and contaminants.

The Center commander reluctantly informed Party leaders that the planned international cyber-attack exercise would have to be postponed, until the ranks of highly trained specialists recovered and returned to work.

“This will not be tolerated!” screamed the Chinese president’s Cyber Attack chief. “America’s elections are taking place very soon! Our allies depend on China’s brilliant warriors to repeat the heroic battles waged in 2020 to defeat the demon Trump and his insane capitalists! New warriors must be trained immediately, prepared to unleash the latest tools our American partners provided—THUNDER and TOUCHDOWN—before November!”

Two days later, a second strike hit the Cyber Warfare Center, erasing any doubt that China’s extensive information warfare infrastructure was under attack. From where and by whom, nobody knew. Brave cyberwarriors collapsed at their computers. Some fell unconscious or were deathly ill. Others simply died where they sat. Many suffered brain hemorrhages—at precisely the same time. Once bodies had been removed from the Center, every computer and remote terminal in the massive facility started emitting wispy clouds of smoke, then burst into flames. Small explosions from overheated power supplies, modems and routers sent workers, supervisors and security personnel sprinting from the building, coughing and rubbing their eyes. 

Blazes were eventually extinguished by firefighters, but China’s CyberWar Center was destroyed. It would take months, if not years, to rebuild.


James “Grizzly” Adams, the new Secretary of State, stared at a large, block-letter message that appeared on-screen, when he switched on his computer:


Be advised that all personnel in your office that committed acts of fraud, during the 2020 election, have been identified. Every fraudulent vote “flipped” or changed by an electronic voting machine has been traced to a particular IP address. An extraordinary number were traced to your office or were altered by vote-tallying systems overseen by your personnel.

Before close of business today, you will initiate a deep-dive, full forensic audit of  all votes cast in Colorado, during said 2020 election. The audit will include every mail-in ballot, all those “collected” at hundreds of remote drop boxes, and votes cast via electronic voting machines (EVMs). Records archived in all precincts will be compared to votes tallied at county and state collection centers. Make absolutely sure discrepancies are appropriately documented and explained. 

Again, this thorough forensic audit will be initiated today and completed in one week. No exceptions, no excuses.

Note that we have already completed an electronic audit and have our own records of suspected fraud in every precinct. If we can find them, you can, too.

Being owned by George Soros, whose front organizations illegally funded your election, you falsely believe you are invulnerable. Your predecessor openly demonstrated that misperception by intimidating election officials in Mesa County. Consequently, you will be inclined to ignore this directive. Please don’t. If you fail to follow this order to the letter, your life will change dramatically.

With Regards,


Furious, the Secretary of State tried to delete the message, but it remained frozen on his screen. Nicknamed The Griz, Adams proceeded to re-earn the moniker, systematically ripping into his staff. Ultimately, a vitriol-laced phone call to the office’s beleaguered IT officer yielded yet another shocking revelation:  Every computer in the building at 1700 Broadway was frozen, displaying the same message. Word-for-word.


Deep underground, “The GR Bunker” was concealed beneath a nondescript office building on K Street, one of many housing lobbyists and an alphabet soup of foundations and think tanks. The bunker served as America’s nerve center for a global network of elites—high-ranking political figures, financial gurus, news media and entertainment industry notables, as well as executives heading a who’s who of international corporations.

The day’s hastily arranged virtual meeting addressed a single issue: Upcoming elections. Instead of the absent host—known only as “Control”—the current confab was led by two senior members of Congress, one from each major party.  After an overview of recent events in China and Colorado, aghast power brokers accustomed to giving orders and controlling everything in their personal orbits heatedly debated the current situation. The Senate Majority Leader called a halt to increasingly angry, indignant outbursts and summarized the problem at hand.

“We can no longer guarantee the outcome of any election this November. Local, state, federal—none! Our Chinese allies are dead in the water, incapable of conducting powerful cyber operations that helped tip elections to our advantage in 2020. In short, we cannot count on our new, more-sophisticated THUNDER and TOUCHDOWN algorithms and apps to bias, flip and modify votes to favor our candidates.

“Further, this SCALAR outfit has proven it can literally erase loyal operatives from cyber-existence. The Colorado Secretary of State chose to blow off SCALAR’s outrageous demands and immediately suffered debilitating consequences—which he and none of us dreamed possible. His bank accounts and investment portfolios literally vanished overnight. Not a trace of evidence that they ever existed! His driver license and passport no longer appear in state and federal files. College transcripts and degrees he earned… Gone! Banks that have gone full-digital refuse to accept his ‘proof’ documents. The guy is penniless! In cyberspace, he’s a non-person.”

“Consequently, he’s caved to SCALAR’s dictums, abandoning our partners’ well-crafted election protocols, and is vigorously conducting a thorough forensic audit of 2020 elections throughout the state. What Colorado’s audit will reveal is guaranteed to unleash political chaos across the nation. Folks, that man is scared to death, and we can NOT count on him—or any other secretary of state—to resist such demands and employ our proven methods for countering challenges to election results. Why? Because SCALAR has proven it already has proof of fraud in Colorado. Unless Griz comes up with the same answers…. 

“And what happens on the federal level, if other states are forced to conduct these audits? There’s no way we can ‘disappear’ every incriminating record out there!”

“Let’s not panic just yet,” the Blackstone CEO said. He waited, until silence settled over the virtual meeting. One of the world’s most massive investment entities, Blackstone owned shares in every critical sector of the U.S. economy. The man oversaw trillions of dollars, thus controlling companies involved in everything from energy and finance to food and ammunition. Decrees by Blackstone and its powerful collaborators—Vanguard, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway, etc.—had a ninety-nine percent probability of manifesting. When these financial-cartel executives spoke, Davos elites listened quietly.

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“Tell that chicken-livered Colorado secretary of state to grow a spine. We have the means to restore his ‘cyber-existence’ and backfill his financial condition. I want him to trot over to Domino and make sure their hack-proof algorithms are installed in every EVM [electronic voting machine] in the state. Colorado’s a vital proving ground, and they absolutely must validate the new protocols, before the deadline! Those machines have to be ready to perform in November! Our timeline is set in stone and millions of parts are already in motion. We cannot—will not—lose a single, solitary damned election to naive, Constitution-waving ‘patriots’ this fall!”

A real-time message popped up on the Senate majority leader’s monitor. After a long pause, he jumped to his feet and shouted, “I’ve just been informed that, since this meeting convened, all EVMs in Domino’s manufacturing plants have been fried! Literally fried! Electronic components were completely burned out in every machine on production lines!”

“So what?” the Blackstone CEO bellowed. “Domino has thousands of EVMs in warehouses throughout the country. Execute the plan! We will not be denied victory!” Trite and hokey, yes. But the meeting’s gutless minions had to be whipped into action.

Seconds later, a cryptic message crawled across each attendee’s computer screen:

Mr. Blackstone,

Be advised that one-hundred percent of Domino’s active and warehoused EVMs have been rendered inoperative. Build more and they, too, will be converted to expensive boat anchors.

Please note that the SCYTL tabulation node in Europe also has been rendered inoperative and will not be available to support your vote-switching plan.



Stunned elites throughout America stared at the message, unbelieving. None dared speak. Was a SCALAR spy monitoring every word uttered in the current virtual meeting?

“Who are these people?” the Blackstone CEO growled. “Who the hell is ‘SCALAR’?”

“Don’t know for sure, but we believe there’s a Russian connection,” a deep voice said. All eyes swung to the Director of National Intelligence’s image. “For several decades, the intel community’s been monitoring development of scalar electromagnetic technology. It was developed by the Soviet Union in the late 1980s. Initially, we believed ‘scalar energy’ was nonsense, merely fringe pseudo-science. However, defense intelligence teams confirmed that scalar EM not only existed, but had been weaponized—and used against the United States on multiple occasions. We launched a highly classified effort and have been funding research on scalar phenomena for some time.”

“Under ‘black budget’ line items, of course. So, what’s the state of that research?” the Senate minority leader demanded.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that in open forum,” the DNI huffed. “Suffice to say, we’ve made significant progress.”

“Have we weaponized this scalar…stuff? If so, maybe your spook tech-wizards have gone rogue and are employing it against our own election systems!” the Blackstone CEO pressed. “That’s illegal!”

Ignoring the absurdity of that “illegal” outburst, the DNI shifted uneasily and wagged his head. “I can’t say…for sure. The program was shut down a few years ago…”

“Which implies it just went ‘blacker’ and is still running full-bore! It sure as hell hasn’t appeared in any classified budget I’ve seen!” the president’s chief-of-staff groused.

The meeting’s titular moderator, the Senate majority leader, stood slowly, made eye contact with the Blackstone CEO’s visage, and said, “None of that matters at this juncture. Elections are fast approaching, and thousands of our dedicated poll workers and ‘allies’ are running scared. I can’t blame them. News about what happened in Colorado has spread like a proverbial wildfire among our people.

“Unless they and all of us are prepared to risk incurring SCALAR’s wrath, I see no alternative to implementing its demands for the next election:  use only paper ballots, require each voter to produce a government ID that verifies U.S. citizenship, require in-person voting—with traditional exceptions for absentee voting—and hand-count all ballots in a transparent, bipartisan process. There will be one and only one election day, and all votes must be tallied and reported within eight hours of poll closure. Before eight o’clock the next morning, winners of all races must be announced…with extremely few exceptions.

“My friends, we no longer control the outcome of the next American election. We’ve been checkmated. But we’re not defeated. The Great Reset is unbeatable.”

Or so self-anointed elites firmly believed.

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