We Have Given The Keys To The Kingdom To Those Who Were Not Raised With American Values

I don’t know Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google. I have read about him and he is a very accomplished individual. He seems to be the epitome of the American dream…an Indian immigrant, now citizen, who has risen to the top of American business. I like successful people who use the opportunity given to them in this country to the fullest.

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I also know he has presided over an anti-America propaganda machine that is bent on destroying our democratic process via manipulation of the public. I also know he refused to testify over this issue in front of the United States Congress recently, preferring to fly back to India.

I also know Mr. Pichai was not raised with American values. I’m speaking of freedom, the American system of justice, the American democratic system of choosing those who govern us, defending the Constitution with your life if necessary, saying the pledge of allegiance every day at school.

My comments have nothing to do with race, or the color of your skin. I served in the American armed forces. There is no racism in a fox hole. That creed has stayed with me for decades. I don’t care where you are from, what race you are, or what you do in your bedroom.

I do care if you try to control my life. Mr. Pichai is trying to control my life and those of every other American.

Should so much power and influence, which can be used to literally destroy our way of life, be put in the hands of a person who was not raised with the values that I hold dear and want my children to also experience?

This is a question worth asking.

I don’t know the right answer.

What I do know is that our nation is dying. The most successful experiment in human governance every produced by mankind is under attack by Mr. Pichai and those like him.

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I don’t know if it is because the wealth and power has corrupted him. I don’t know if he now thinks he is above all this ‘freedom and privacy stuff’.

We have given the keys to the American kingdom to those who were not raised with American values. Our government keeps pushing to bring in more people via legal and illegal immigration who have no common culture with America.

Multiculturalism is the death knell for our nation. We need a common American culture to survive.

Multi-ethnicity good, multiculturalism bad.

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