The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: It Takes A Tribe, Not A Global Village

It Takes A Tribe, Not A Global Village

Apparently, the apes that are genetically closest to humans, the Bonobos have their own system of cultural enrichment. Or genetic pool enrichment rather. While normally the females mate within their group with the alpha male having his pick, once every so often a female will sneak a visit to the group boundary hoping to meet one of the (usually low-ranking) males from that group and receive the benefit of his genetic material. If she strays too far into foreign territory, she’ll be torn limb to limb, so these encounters are fraught with significant risk. Why then this promiscuity, this breaking of boundaries? Nature abhors waste and dead females of childbearing age are the biggest waste imaginable. The answer is not difficult to imagine; Bonobo groups are small, a few dozen individuals; without periodic admixture, this size gene pools are prone to degeneration. A periodic injection of genes from neighboring bands provides just the needed enrichment of the gene pool without jeopardizing the cohesive nature of the band. This genetic enrichment is vital and worth it, from the perspective of the survival of the species, the occasional loss of a young female who may have been too enthusiastic in her love-seeking.

The Arrival Of The Neo-Bolsheviks

Of course a corollary question is why not have bigger bands of Bonobos? Or no bands at all? Why not have one big happy population of Bonobos across their entire natural habitat? Certainly that would solve the gene pool size problem. It turns out that just as outside enrichment is critical to species survival, so is internal hierarchy among males and females alike. Israel, until perhaps the 1980’s had a famous expression: “The best (male gender) become pilots and the best (female gender) become pilots’ wives”. This saying, while rife with what today would be called toxic masculinity, was essential to Israel’s survival. Today, the saying is not oft repeated, and a few women serve as fighter pilots, but the underlying truth hasn’t changed; the best and most highly motivated still become fighter pilots and yes, they still get the best girls. Since humans are physiologically hardly different from Bonobos (98.7% shared DNA), it is not difficult to imagine that this kind of intra-species natural selection is highly desirable for the improvement of the gene pool in humans as well as in Bonobos.

Unfortunately or not, the twin species survival strategies, that of a large and varied gene pool and that of constant competition for the best females are mutually incompatible. “Best” cannot be defined across a global population; it can only have meaning within your own band or tribe. Thus humans, like chimps, evolved to be tribal and even fiercely tribal animals, who at the same time have intense curiosity as to the exotic habits of the neighboring tribes. Human warfare historically involved killing the men and the male children, but never that of women and young girls; these were valued (unknowingly) as critical carriers of enriching, “foreign” genes.
The tension between tribal and universal is the story of human history. The Torah, which as always holds a true mirror to the human condition addresses this conflict throughout its pages. In the first example of confederation, the twelve Tribes of Israel are united to form a militarily viable unit without however losing their tribal identity, which was incredibly important to them. In a story that best illustrates the previously described Bonobo behavior enacted on the canvass of human society, Dinah, Jacob’s daughter “takes a stroll” close to the walled Canaanite city of Shechem (now Nablus in the Palestinian Territories), where she is “abducted” by the sons of the local king with the predictable outcome. Thus the genetic pool enrichment had already (presumably) taken place. Since Dinah, a virgin (prior to the incident) was her father’s property, he feigns outrage to Hamor (Hebrew: donkey, ass, likely a later pun by Jewish scribes), the King of Shechem and gets in return a proposal for a blood alliance; his son will wed Dinah and other Shechemites and Israelites will follow suit and intermarry.

It Takes A Tribe, Not A Global Village

In the first recorded instance of prototypical Jews outsmarting prototypical Gentiles, Jacob requires that Shechemites culturally enrich themselves by circumcision, since the God of Israel prohibits Israelite women to have relations with uncircumcised males. He forgets to mention that the God of Israel prohibits the women of Israel form having relations with any Gentiles no matter circumcised or not. Now circumcision of adult males with flint or dull iron knives without anesthesia is a prospect that is bound to send shivers down any man’s spine, but the Shechemites agree. While recovering from their self-inflicted wounds they get slaughtered to a man by Simon and Levy, Dinah’s brothers.

The Torah does not mention what happened to the women of Shechem; one would assume they and their genes were absorbed into the growing Nation of Israel. This story sets the table for successful survival strategy: accept (and even embrace) the inevitable and necessary genetic enrichment, but guard, at all costs, your cultural and tribal identity. Oh, and when you are overmatched by sheer force, some deception certainly does not hurt.
In later books and passages the Torah presents a clear position as to the “Other”. As individuals, “stragglers before the camp”, the others are welcomed and harming them is prohibited. They are weak and pose no danger, unspoken is the fact that they may offer some enrichment, cultural or genetic. As groups, especially powerful groups, the others have to be fought and if possible utterly annihilated. Individuals do not carry dangerous ideas and large cultural payloads that can subsume the dominant culture of the tribe; groups of individuals most certainly do. That’s the difference, and it’s a crucial one.
As has been well-established and documented, including by this columnist, the communist and later Bolshevik movements of the 19th and 20th centuries have almost exclusively Jewish cultural DNA. A fair question then arises as to why when it comes to tribal and cultural identity these ideologies are so starkly at odds with Jewish thought. As the conclusion of this column will show, the answer to this question is crucial to understanding the migrant and immigration policy debate now raging across the West.

Bolshevism And Jews

The basis for communism is formed by a common apostasy taken to its extreme. The apostasy is as old as religion itself: if God is both merciful and almighty, how can he allow (fill in the blanks… unbridled greed of industrial revolution robber barons, the Holocaust, etc.). Since logically there is no answer to this question, people like Karl Marx, Leo Trotzky, Vladimir Lenin and so many others reject God and religion as “opium for the masses”. But here’s the kicker: by rejecting God, they logically reject the divine nature of Man. If nature of Man is not divine, what follows is that it is not eternal, but rather malleable; it is base now, but it can be improved. Ok, but improved by whom? Needless to say, BY THOSE WHO KNOW BEST, i.e. us!

It Takes A Tribe, Not A Global Village

As anyone who’s been through intense military training knows, effective training requires the weakening of the ego of the trainee, a kind of breaking down process, often achieved through fatigue, sleep deprivation, extreme physical and mental anguish, etc. Communists use the mass application of this practice to achieve their goal of human nature improvement on a mass scale. Hence Lenin’s notorious saying “The worse it becomes the better it will be”. Of course some people are more resistant to improvement than others. Who are these pesky individuals? First and foremost they are people who already have a well-formed tribal identity. This can be manifested through religious belief and religious education, inherited wealth, especially real property, high-value professional education, and finally adherence to tribal symbols as representations of tribal superiority and added value.

Not even remotely coincidentally, this is the kind of people that are hated and repressed by communists and Bolsheviks. Have you ever asked yourself why the American Left is so inimical to religion, especially Christianity? Why does it insist on removing religion from the public square via made-up and un-Constitutional separation between church and state? Why is the Left so opposed to home schooling, parochial schooling, or any other forms of non-public schooling? Why promote useless four-year college degrees and suppress education in the trades? Why there is no tax they like better than taxation on inheritance, especially inheritance of real property? Why the ban on any kind of meaningful expression from the pulpit? Finally, why does the Left so clearly prefer unskilled migration to merit-based legal immigration by educated and well to do individuals? The answers are found in the previous paragraph: the grist for the human nature improvement project of the Bolshevik American Left is not found with property (and gun) owning, God-fearing Americans who are confident in their means and their capacity to make up their own minds. No, it is found in the impoverished masses of urban whites who went to college graduating with no skills and an entitlement complex whose enormous size can only be match by their debt load. It is found in the urban blacks whose families were destroyed by their new welfare masters just as they were destroyed by the plantation owners of old. It is found in the masses of migrants who will get on buses and pull the right lever in the voting booth as long as the table busing job in the Vegas casino is still waiting for them.

It Takes A Tribe, Not A Global Village

The America of the 1950’s, the one I suspect Trump has in mind when he uses the word “again”, was less susceptible to “human nature improvement” projects than perhaps any country in history. Through the unrelenting efforts of American Bolsheviks it is no longer that country.
P.S. It is a matter of tremendous personal sadness to the author of these pages that so many American Jews absorb in their fancy Jewish day-schools a perverted version of Judaism, one which espouses the human nature improvement project, with the Jews, needless to say, among the improvers rather than the misfortunates being improved. True Judaism is a religion of personal empowerment and the empowerment of others, both Gentiles and Jews one person at a time through charity and mitzvoth, not social engineering and meddling in the affairs of other tribes.

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