The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: There Will Be No USS Barack H. Obama

If I had to bet, I’d say that Michelle Obama lost (again) her pride in America on that last Marine One ride, somewhere between the White House lawn and Joint Airbase Andrews. The Obamas’ was always a GFE presidency; like a prostitute peddling a girlfriend experience by the hour, the Obamas were a simulacrum of a First Family with a Potemkin village façade of a resume, elected by a country reeling from the left-right punch combo of neocon foreign adventurism and political correctness culture run totally amok. So now the Obamas are on a hedonism binge, doing their little dog and pony show for the billionaire guests of the likes of Sir Richard Branson and A-list celebs. I’m sure that they have it all down by now, the stories, the glib punchlines, the state secrets that they are all too happy to divulge, the “look at all the IED’s we planted explode in his face, how delicious! Pause for applause.” anecdotes. But later that night, when they look at the bathroom mirror without all the makeup and the fake toothy smiles, they know who the real punchline of the night was and it is looking right back at them.

Yes, they must most assuredly sing for their supper, the single-digit millionaires performing for people who are thousands of times richer and infinitely more powerful, always depending on their benefactors for that next private jet ride to their next gig. Of course the little family grift business, the Clintonesque Obama Foundation is showing some promise, after all it’s the cheapest game in town for some corporate virtue signaling. But if there is one thing the Bezos’s and the Zuckerberg’s of this world are good at, it’s trend recognition; their guts are never wrong and they are telling them that America is changing. The trend lines are now all past their inflection points; from black to white, from gay to straight, from resist to law and order, from foreign to domestic, from abortion to motherhood, from pot de crème to apple pie. In America the snake oil salesman will always find takers for the latest overpriced concoction, but it’s always motherhood and apple pie that win in the end.

A Torah passage that Jews read every day in Synagogue and that is inscribed on small rolls of parchment rolls in a little boxes over every Jewish doorway commands Jews to love God with their entire souls, with the entirety of their very beings. This command, this mitzvah is in my very humble opinion the true essence of Judaism and its most foundational contribution to Western civilization. It establishes a personal, intimate relationship with God; one in which, just as with anyone who is truly loved there can be discord and even strife, but in the end love always prevails. Gottenyu, my dear little God, is how my grandmother used to address Him. In English, the informal Thou, rather than the formal You is used to address Him, as is the case in Russian. Our relationship with God, reciprocally, is one of love, simple, selfless love.

This relationship finds its finest earthly expression in the reciprocal love that exists between true leaders and their nations. This love, just as in the case of divine love, does not guarantee results. It is simply there, a foundation on which great successes can be built and on which great failures are broken like waves on a rocky shore. In America, with its constitution so endowed by the infinite love of the Founding Fathers, it is rare if not unprecedented to see a president elected who has no love for the country or its people. And yet, this is exactly what happened with Barack Obama. Perhaps this was all part of the plan, because the disdain, in fact the sheer revulsion that America and Americans evoke in him and in his family was so clearly evident, that a supra-natural sensitivity to these feelings was developed by the American public. This may have been unnecessary though, because Obama’s hand-picked successor chose to clearly articulate her feelings for the country that provided her such rich fields from which to plunder. Americans didn’t have to use their spidey senses to know how she felt about them and their homeland, she told them to their faces. In no uncertain terms.

It is peak irony that Hillary’s opponent, emerging from a field of mediocre have-beens, was a guy who truly loves America like Jews are commanded to love God, with the entirety of his soul, with all of his being. This love is so evident, so clearly divine in nature that only fools would bet against it. And Americans are no fools. So there will be no hundreds of millions donated to the Obama Foundation, there will be no playgrounds, let alone aircraft carriers named after them, but since the Trumps are only human, I suspect that the Obamas will receive an invitation to watch Ivanka launch the (naturally) biggest and best ever built USS Donald J. Trump.

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