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US-Russia Tensions In Eastern Syria

US-Russia Tensions In Eastern Syria

US-Russia tensions appear to be increasing in eastern Syria after several incidents. A new video shows two vehicles almost collide. We documented an incident at Khirbet Amo on February 12 where regime gunmen fired on a US patrol. It comes in the context of global tensions with Russia, tensions in Syria with the Syrian regime and local tensions with the Russian commanders.

In late December a “brawl” was reported, that apparently never happened. Tensions were reported on January 21 and February 4. These incidents have been downplayed or the reports dismissed. Russians after the Amo incident said “Only thanks to the efforts of the Russian troops who arrived at the scene of the incident, it was possible to prevent a further escalation of the conflict with local residents and to ensure the exit of the US Armed Forces.” The US said that the incident didn’t involve Russians, even though their vehicles were seen in video behind the gunmen…

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